Ninna Nanna - childcare from home to home
My aim is to provide attentive, sensitive care to children ensuring they are at all times, safe, secure, happy, stimulated and comfortable in their surroundings.
I see my role as being able to provide a normal daily routine and environment incorporating all the things a child would ordinarily encounter with their parents, such as walks, visits to friends, attendance of toddler groups or school, stimulating play, craft and visits to local shops and parks.
I also aim to develop them socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally by means of age and stage appropriate toys, activities and outings.
In order to achieve all the above we:
make pizza
we touch and feel the dough. We then leave it raise for a while and cook it and eat it. And we love pizza!!!
We do a bit of artistic paint. We feel these masterpieces will be worth a lot of money one day!!!
We dress up. We think we all look wonderful in our favourite outfit. Oh there is a nurse as well should someone get sick!!!
We make our own meatballs....YUMMY!!!
We mess in the sandpit when the sun shines.
We scrutinise the unknown looking forward to new adventures.
We do some planting...
And when we feel a bit tired we have a cuddle
But in all we do we most importantly have a lot of FUN!!!
Thank you!