Ninna Nanna - childcare from home to home
Care, Learning and Play Policy 
Children learn when they are in a safe and caring environment where they are stimulated through play. Babies and young children develop best when they are in a caring relationship with an adult. A baby will learn to walk faster when they have a safe pair of arms to walk towards and learn to when they have an adult listening and responding to them.  I will strive to provide your child with an environment that will be caring, fun and stimulating. I will implement ideas from the Birth to three matters framework and National Guidance to the Foundation Stage. 
(Please ask me if you would like to see a copy of these documents) 
I will provide activities that support the main learning areas: 
CreativityPhysical Development
Mathematical and logical thinking
Language and communication
Social and Emotional Development
Knowledge and Understanding of the World. 
These activities will include: 
Dressing up clothes
Books and Videos
Small world toys
Construction toys (lego, etc)
Pretend play (toy kitchen etc)
Water play
Arts and Crafts
Outdoor play and equipment 
I will regularly observe your child and make a written record. This will enable me to make very simple plans on how I can help your child move onto the next stage of their development. These records are available for you to look at . If there is a particular activity that you would like me to do with your child, please let me know.
I'm very happy to support activities that are doing at home or events that have happened. if you have been to a wedding I can continue this theme by providing the children with material to use as wedding clothes and help them understand through books and other resources.