why choose us

Ninna Nanna started in 2009 as a childminder setting. It soon became a team of three due to the high demand of places. It was clear children felt comfortable in a small family like setting and the partnership between parents and carers insured children received the best of both worlds.

We moved in St Peter’s Hall in February 2021 following a year of lockdown that saw us drastically cutting down on all offsite activities. We felt children deserved better and we just raised to the challenge!

At St Peter’s we have been incredibly careful to ensure we retained what made our setting special:
• Very small setting, we have a ratio of 1 to 1 for children under the age of 1, so we are truly able to get to know the children we care for.
• Meals prepared on site with ingredients regularly sourced during the week, we offer a varied and complete diet ranging from different cuisines and cultures and we cater for all dietary requirements.
• Designated sleeping room where children sleep in travel cots, we promote healthy sleeping habits from young age by ensuring the room is fully darkened and the daily routine is consistent.
• Wide range of toys to suit different ages and personalities! We have a soft play area where children can bounce and tumble while staying safe, a home corner for role play, a reading area for a cosy and quiet time with friends and an art and craft table for those feeling a bit arty!!
• Activities are mainly child led but we also have a PE hour in the morning, a planned activity just before lunch and one in the afternoon. Children are encouraged to join in the planned activities but are also welcome to help themselves to toys if they wish to do so.

Most of all we absolutely love spending time with the children and while we make sure they progress confidently towards their Early Years Development Goals we also ensure the little ones are cared for as individuals and as such they are loved.

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